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View our 3 exclusive villas in Marathoupoli Messinia.

Villa One - Entheon Olive Villas Marathopoli

Villa One

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Features & Services

Some of the features and services of the villas are the following.


Washing Machine

Swimming Pool
Fully Equipped Kitchen
Fully Equipped Lounge
Room Service


Get informed and discover locations that will make your stay more exciting and adventurous! With remarkable places and fantastic destinations just a breath away from Entheon Olive Villas.

Μόλις 1 χιλιόμετρο μακριά από την κοντινότερη παραλία.

1 kilometer from the center of Marathoupolis

Marathos is the port of Gargalianous. In the summer, its population increases, because the area has a strong tourist traffic and is a holiday attraction for people from the neighboring areas of Messinia, as in this seaside village there are rooms for rent, campsites, guesthouses and hotels.

1 hour away from the city of Kalamata.

Kalamata – capital and central port of Messinia. The shadow of Mount Taygetus, the endless silver-gold olive groves that touch the coast and an endless beach paint the charismatic state in the most beautiful colors.

Just 25 minutes away from Pylos

Pylos is the largest natural port of the Peloponnese and at the same time one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Messinia, thanks to the glorious history and rich natural beauties of the area.

15 minutes from Voidokoilia beach

Beach Voidokilia in Messinia is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. It is famous mainly for its all round shape reminiscent of the letter O. It is located north of Pylos, on the coast of the Ionian, and is adjacent to the lagoon of Gialova from which it is separated by a strip of sand dunes.

7 minutes from Lagouvardos beach

This is a beach of incomparable beauty which in recent years has been very popular among surf lovers everywhere surf and other water sports, since it is considered to have the highest frequency of waves, while at the same time it is safe without strong currents.

40 minutes from Finikounda

Beach Finikounta it is a beautiful and quiet seaside resort resort της Messinias built right behind a long beach with fine sand and clear water. It is located at its southwestern end Messinias approximately in the middle of the route that joins its castle states Koronis and Methonis.

40 minutes from Methoni

Methoni is one of the most beautiful regions of Greece. The harmonious coexistence of the old element with the modern give a special color to the area. The natural beauties, the historical monuments and the wonderful beaches, combined with the excellent tourist infrastructure have made Methoni one of the most popular tourist resorts of the southern Peloponnese.

30 minutes from Polylimnio Falls

Polylimnio owes its beauty to the uneven terrain of the area. Its ups and downs between rocks and trees lead the waters and form its waterfalls and 15 lakes. All beautiful, they look like they came out of a movie. Kadoula, home to a 25-meter-high waterfall, named after its heart-like shape.

Just 20 minutes from Gialova

Gialova, seaside village, southwest of Messinia, at a distance of 7 km from Pylos, is an ideal place for quiet and family holidays, but also ecotourism excursions in the surrounding area. Known for its lagoon that stretches between the village and the bay of Boidokoilia, with its deepest depth not exceeding 4 m., is the most important wetland of Southern Greece, but also one of the most important in Europe, a valuable station for migratory birds.



See the photos of the accommodations. The photos include all 3 villas.

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